Spring up women volunteer

Spring up women volunteer

We have partnered with United We Rise to run workshops aimed at promoting domestic abuse awareness. We create safe spaces that foster open and honest conversations and strengthen the ties between service providers and the communities they serve.

What You'll Do: 

The role as a Spring Up Women Volunteer

-  Set up for the day for smooth running of the session.

-    Ensuring registration processes are done and completed by guests accessing the session.

-    Comforting and supporting the guest during the session when the need arise.

-    Good listener.

-    Assisting the facilitator.

-   Tidy up after the session finishes.

-   Sort and prepare material ready for the session both online and face to face session.

-   Organizing the refreshment for the day i.e making teas and coffee.

-   Taking stock for any item, paperwork needed for the effective running of the session.

-   Doing a weekly report of the session.

-   Ensuring feedback is collected  a week before the  program ends.

-   Ensuring all  case studies/Testimony are collected.

-   Reporting any concerns to the Coordinators, in the absence report to the service manager.


What You'll Learn: 

Skills you will gain:

- ​​  Having access to clothing plays a vital role in mental health, especially self-esteem. Providing suitable and needed items to our clients has a greatly positive impact on their quality of life and mental well being.

-    You will be benefiting the environment by extending the lifespan of clothing. In turn  helping to control the increase of clothing found in landfills and reducing the amount of clothes being thrown away.

-    The people who come to our centre go through difficult times  on a daily basis. You will be part of a project that is making a big difference in the community.


What We're Looking For: 

Skills we are looking for

-   Good organizational skills.

-   Experience of customer service or dealing with a diverse range of people

-   Good listening skills.

-   An ability to communicate well and with confidence when handling enquiries.

-   A non-judgemental attitude towards people’s problems and challenges faced in their lives.

-    A warm and friendly approach.


Human Rights
Mental Health
United Kingdom
Skills you will develop: 
Motivating Others