Children's Residential Project Group Leader

What You'll Do: 

Our volunteers will be working with these truly incredible children and helping them have a break and a chance where they can get positive adult support. Children experience meeting animals at the farm, building dens in the forest, building rafts in teams to paddle across a lake, standing on the beach for the first time, cooking together in groups, camping out under the stars and a wide range of other activities all carefully designed to both broaden horizons, but also to scaffold the building of self-confidence, resilience, and trust in others.


You'll spend 5 days looking after a small group of children with 1 or 2 other volunteers; taking them on activites and adventuring together, offering encouragement, emotional support and reassurance. 

Everything will be overseen by our project coordinators, so you will be guided all the way.


Our projects take place outside of London in more nature-filled settings. Whilst we cannot cover the cost of travel by train or car to our venues, we will pick you up from the station and from then on all your food, board, and participation in activities with the children is covered.



Why You'll Love It: 

The change you'll see in one week in so many of the children's self-esteem, confidence and emotional capabilities is incredible and truly rewarding. Many of our volunteers come back to projects year after year, owing to the brilliant experience they have every time. 

You will also get to become a part of a huge group of brilliant and kind individuals who give up their time for Free to Be every year!

What You'll Learn: 

You'll learn to communicate effectively, negotiate challenges, mediate children's difficulties, and learn all about how a child's experiences are cruitally important in their growth and development, whilst learning alongside the children, or showing them, how to build fires, climb ropes, and conquer our fears!

What We're Looking For: 

What we look for in a volunteer:

  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Energy!
  • Wanting to have FUN!
Mental Health
Social Care
Widening participation
Young People
United Kingdom
1 Weeks Minimum
Skills you will develop: 
Active listening
Relevant interests: 
Charity / Nonprofit
In-Person Interview
Over 18 years old

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