Social Activities Supporter

Join in and support these important sessions.

What You'll Do: 

Meet mental health and wellbeing members - relax, play games (Scrabble, pool, chess etc.) and enjoy each other’s company. 


Why You'll Love It: 

Meeting fantastic people in a voluntary sector setting


What You'll Learn: 
  • Gain experience of working in the mental health field
  • Have the opportunity to practice and develop communication skills
  • Gain knowledge of how people recover from and/or live with a mental health difficulty
  • Bolster knowledge and experience for career path in mental health (past volunteers have gone on to train as adult mental health nurses/train in psychology)
  • Knowledge/experience of voluntary sector work
  • We can provide one day of basic training in mental health in variety of topics e.g., women and mental health, self-harm, introduction to mental health


What We're Looking For: 
  • Warm and welcoming manner
  • Friendly personality
  • Ability to support and encourage a wide range of people
Mental Health
United Kingdom
28 Weeks Minimum
3 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Active listening
Relevant interests: 
Charity / Nonprofit
Over 18 years old
These documents must be completed: 

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