Literacy Support Volunteer

Literacy Support Volunteer

Providing one to one or small group literacy support to 9 to 13 year olds with the guidance of a session leader.

What You'll Do: 

The Literacy Pirates is an educational charity working to develop the literacy, confidence and perseverance of young people in Hackney and Haringey, so that they achieve both in school and in the world beyond. We know that young people sometimes need some extra help to achieve their full potential, and we believe that providing support outside of school can really help young people to do better in the classroom, while also developing their broader skills. We also believe that learning should be a great adventure! So working together with local schools, families and volunteers, we deliver unique real-world learning projects (such as published books, films, and apps) in our own unconventional learning environment.


You will be working under the guidance of a Session Leader (Teacher) who will be running the session. As a Crewmate you will be guiding and supporting the Young People with the reading and writing tasks. During the reading part of session you will be reading with Young People, asking questions about the text and helping them understand and enjoy reading. During the writing session you will be encouraging your Young Pirates to be as creative as they can be, writing stories/poems/film scripts and getting them as good as they can be. 

Why You'll Love It: 

Children on average make 5 to 6 months progress in their reading age each term with us. The children we work with are between one to four years behind, and making just four months of progress each academic year. That means we are making four times the progress they can make at school alone.


You can be part of making the difference! 

What You'll Learn: 

Full training is provided and we will cover the cost of a DBS. 

What We're Looking For: 

No experience working with children necessary – just lots of enthusiasm. Full training is provided. 

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
12 Weeks Minimum
0 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Relevant interests: 
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