Become a Mentor! Make a difference to a child in London

Become a Mentor! Make a difference to a child in London

What You'll Do: 

The Kids Network is looking for committed, fun and passionate volunteers to make a difference to the children of London. Our structured mentoring programme for children aged 8 -11 years old supports their social and emotional development before they transition into secondary school.


What will I do as a volunteer mentor?

  • Hold weekly sessions, lasting 1-3 hours over the course of one year
  • Support a child during a crucial stage in their social and emotional development
  • Focus on the individual needs of your mentee-building confidence, supporting resilience and developing the tools to manage feeligns for a positive future
  • Join our peer to peer network of mentors, building role confidence and sharing knowledge and experiences
  • Receive individual support from The Kids Network team, throughout the full year.
What We're Looking For: 
  • Positivity: Embraces fun and positive thinking
  • Commitment: Attends all mentoring sessions and demonstrates patience and understanding in the face of challenges
  • Communication: Communicates well with children, young people and The Kids Network using compassion
  • Resilience: Meets challenges with optimism, seeing them as an opportunity to learn
  • Professionalism: Complies with all of TKN policies and procedures particularly regarding safeguarding
  • Non-judgemental: Demonstrates kindness and openness and does not impose personal values
  • Solution-focused: Offers guidance and constructive feedback with compassion and understanding.

Please note that due to legal requirements, if you have lived abroad over the last 5 years for 3 months or more, we will require a DBS from that country so processing may take longer.

Mental Health
Young People
United Kingdom
52 Weeks Minimum
3 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Active listening
Time Management
Over 18 years old