The Felix Project
The Felix Project believes in a vision of London where no-one goes hungry and good food is never wasted. And together, we believe we can win the fight against food waste and hunger in London.

 4.7 million adults in the United Kingdom struggle to afford to eat every day, 2 million children are at risk of missing the next meal. Meanwhile, our food industry generates 3 million tonnes of good, edible surplus food each year.

The Felix Project is a London-based food redistribution charity set up in 2016 to tackle both issues.


We rescue good, surplus food from the food industry that cannot be sold and would otherwise go to waste. This is high-quality and nutritious, including a high proportion of fresh fruit and vegetables, baked goods, salads, meat and fish. We collect or receive food from over 539 suppliers, including supermarkets, wholesalers, farms, restaurants and delis.

We then sort and then deliver this food to almost 1000 front-line charities, primary schools and holiday programmes in London. That way, food that would have gone to waste is reaching vulnerable people, homeless, people with mental health or those who simply cannot afford to buy regular, healthy food.


Volunteers at The Felix Project get good food to good causes, helping to rescue, cook and deliver surplus food for Londoners facing food poverty.


After you sign up, you can pick and choose when you'd like to volunteer & how often. Most volunteering with The Felix Project will last 4 hours.

You can choose to get involved in a range of tasks - from sorting food, to admin work, cooking in our kitchen, or driving our green Felix vans.