Results Education
RESULTS vision is to see a world free from poverty by 2030. It’s an ambitious vision, but shared by people and countries around the world and laid out in the Sustainable Development Goals. For us, the building blocks of the end of poverty can be most simply articulated as “health, education, economic opportunities, and citizen voice”. These are the things that all people, wherever they live, need and have a right to. Our goal is to work with members of the public and parliamentarians, encouraging them to use voices and political power for change. By doing this we can influence political decisions that will bring an end to global poverty.

RESULTS is a movement of passionate, committed, everyday people. Together we use our voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty.

Our campaigners receive training, support, and inspiration to become skilled advocates. In time, they learn to effectively advise policy makers, guiding them towards decisions that improve access to education, health, and economic opportunity.

Backed by the in-depth research and the political expertise of staff, RESULTS campaigners realise the incredible power they possess to use their voices to change the world.


Our work matters because we focus on a number of the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve an end to global poverty. 

Accountability – citizens everywhere have the right to hold their governments to account. This also means we take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable for achieving meaningful results and material change through our work.
Empowerment – We believe every person has the power to contribute to changing the world, and we work with them to do so. This means valuing everyone - our staff, our volunteers, partners, and the people we look to influence - as potential agents of change.
Equity and inclusiveness – RESULTS strongly believes that valuing diversity and putting equity and inclusiveness as one of our core values benefits us all, enhancing legitimacy, effectiveness, and is essential for meaningfully reaching our goals, especially on citizen voice.
Partnerships – We recognise that we cannot do this work alone. Working collaboratively with others towards mutually shared goals is essential for creating meaningful shifts in political will. Combined with our other values, we recognise that the primary experience of poverty and its solutions are best understood by the people who have lived experience and those voices must be heard.
Evidence – We will use robust evidence to inform our advocacy and will not advocate for proposed policies and practices that are not supported by evidence. As a thought-leader in advocacy as a practice, we will continue to develop the evidence base for the most effective ways to deliver advocacy by enhancing our monitoring, evaluation, and learning.