LOVO CIC was set up in 2008 to the meet the gap in services for local women and girls in the neighbourhood of Peckham, Southwark. We aim to establish ourselves as a one-stop centre providing care and support services to improve the quality of life of vulnerable women, by fostering a community where they can feel safe, acquire new skills, and develop relationships of support and trust.

LOVO CIC is a community-based organisation that was set up in 2008 to offer support services to improve the employability, mental health and overall well-being of women facing marginalisation.  LOVO’s work is primarily focussed on addressing the immediate causes of women’s economic, health and political marginalisation. These include low earnings, few chances of wage progression, restricted access to healthy living conditions, and limited participation in civic society and political organisations.  


Accordingly, we offer services in the three core areas described below:


  1. Professional development programmes intended to impart information that can help women improve their earning potential and income
  2. Personal development and life-skill training courses designed to help women deal with challenges in their personal lives, reduce the stress and anxiety that they might be experiencing, and enable them to work on achieving their personal goals
  3. Women’s Day-Centre, a space where women with limited opportunities for social interaction can come on a regular basis, meet other women, engage in creative and fitness activities like jewellery-making and Zumba, and find sources of inspiration and strength



LOVO has been working with vulnerable women living in south London for over ten years, with a successful track record of meeting the needs of women most at risk of multiple forms of deprivation, including women from black and ethnic minority communities, disabled women, women with mental health problems, and women who have faced domestic abuse. 

One of the main strengths of our approach towards working with women is our emphasis on tailored, one-on-one support. Although this approach is much more time-and resource-intensive than delivering standardised programmes, it helps us ensure that we understand the differing experiences, concerns and aspirations of the women we work with, and collaboratively develop pathways that are best suited to their personal circumstances. 


London Faith & Belief Community Award 2020
London Prestige Award 2021

You do not need any specific qualifications or prior experience to volunteer at the day-centre. You will receive all required information and training for the role when you start, as well as support throughout your engagement. 


You will be a great fit at the LOVO team if you have: 

  • a friendly and approachable attitude
  • good listening skills
  • respect for diverse views, faith, values and cultures
  • an interest in social care and support
  • a strong work ethic (punctuality and reliability are crucial!)
  • a willingness to learn


Since the day-centre is envisioned as a safe space for women, we can only offer volunteer roles to girls and women. We do require a minimum commitment of three months from our volunteers.


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