St John's Hospice
We are dedicated to providing specialised end of life care and support to people in our community, their families, friends and carers. We believe that the highest quality of care is best achieved by a multi-disciplinary approach, where professionals and volunteers work together in a knowledgeable and friendly atmosphere to support the individual.

St John's Hospice provides quality care to more than 4,500 patients and their families each year, all free of charge. Our care is guided by our core belief that every person is entitled to live life to the fullest and be treated with dignity, empathy and respect.


We provide our care completely free of charge for 4,500 patients and loved ones across seven London boroughs. Whether at home, in our Day Care Unit or our In Patient Unit, our services improve the quality of life for our patients, encouraging a well-rounded support package depending on what's important to them.

We've helped patients gain back the strength to walk down the aisle, organised vias so family members can fly in for holidays, our ambulance drivers delivered care packages throughout the pandemic to support clinically vulnerable patients and we've empowered HIV- positive women to open up to their communities about their illness despite stigma. We create a community that supports the patient, family members and friends throughout their palliative journey.

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