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We envision a world where passion and potential define a young person‘s future.

Project Access is an international, student led non-profit that aims to help students from untraditional backgrounds get in to top universities in the UK, US and Europe. We run a mentorship programme where we pair upper secondary school students with student mentors from top universities who help guide their mentees through the application process. We also run other initiatives such as summer bootcamps to help boost our mentees’ chances at success. We are a team of 160+ students with 2,000+ mentors and have helped 3,400+ mentees gain a place at top universities across the globe. If you think passion and potential are what should define a young person’s future and would like to potentially change a young person’s life - join us!


Currently, disadvantaged students are vastly under-represented at top universities. Not only are disadvantaged students less likely to apply or receive offers from top universities, they also struggle to finance their education and are more likely to drop out of university. This unequal access hampers pathways to social mobility and deepens societal inequalities, evident from unequal lifetime earnings post-university. Our mission at Project Access is therefore to level the playing field in higher education by supporting students from less privileged backgrounds in applying to, gaining admissions to, and succeeding at top universities. There are too many students who never start or complete their journey towards their dream university because they lack role-models, application support and a community that believes in them. We work to level the playing field for admissions to top-universities by providing mentorship and content for free - to make sure that all students, regardless of background, receive the offers they deserve.


Our work matters because

  •     High-achieving, less advantaged students from around the world apply to the top universities in the UK and the US
  •     Mentees gain admission to their favourite universities
  •     Access to top-quality university education is attainable regardless of social background
  •     Mentees achieve a higher level of confidence for their future post-education journey
  •     Educational and societal inequality decreases
  •     Education acts as a pathway to prosperity for the people who need it the most
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