Inspire Walworth
Inspire’s mission is to build the confidence, life skills and aspirations of Walworth residents so that, despite the challenges they face, we can enable individuals, families and organisations located in the local area to thrive. We work to break down barriers by fostering a sense of society and to act as a community connector. Our services are provided through a combination of general and specialist programmes delivered from our community centre at Newington TRA Hall in Walworth SE17, offering practical support, information, advocacy and positive opportunities to a range of individuals and local neighbourhood groups.

Our charity's community support programmes include:

  • 2Inspire: our local youth group providing activities and opportunities for young people aged 11-18 years
  • Inspire to Work: our local employment support programme for ages 16-25.
  • Inspire Parents: our dedicated support programme for vulnerable young parents and families at risk.
  • ‘Inspire to Grow’ : an outdoor gardening programme for adults with additional support needs.

Inspire is an active community connector for the SE17 community and our broad mission means that we can be flexible in response to what the local neighbourhood needs. At a time when reductions in public funding have seen many local services cut back or disappear entirely, InSpire is seen by our partners and beneficiaries alike as a constant trusted source of help and support. Walworth is part of the large scale regeneration of the Elephant & Castle area which – although aiming to improve and modernise residential and living standards – has proved extremely disruptive leaving many residents in temporary accommodation. Local families often have no idea how long they will be staying so this situation frequently leaves them in an unstable environment where they can feel displaced or marginalised and struggling to find a stable place within their community. In contrast, we offer safe welcoming spaces where young people can socialise, learn, express themselves creatively, be active and sheltered from negative influences. Often, they fear the impact of ‘gentrification’ on their communities as this may price themselves out of the area unless there is enough social housing made available.

Be inclusive believing that everybody matters
Be honest, reliable and transparent
Be compassionate when things are difficult
Celebrate aspiration and achievement
King's Civic Challenge 2022 - Community Resilience Award
Charity Excellence Quality Mark - 2022
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