Tutor The Nation
Tutor The Nation is a charity that makes education fairer, one tutoring session at a time. We pair dedicated volunteers with disadvantaged state school pupils to provide free, online tuition with the aim of helping tutees to develop the skills and confidence they need to achieve their goals.

Tutor The Nation is a charity that provides free, online, one-to-one tuition for students who would not otherwise be able to access tutoring. Volunteer student tutors are matched with a secondary school student to provide tuition in a GCSE or A-Level of choice for one hour a week. 


Tutor the Nation is making education fairer, one tutoring session at a time. Reducing educational inequality is at the core of what we do. We provide tuition to state school students free-of-charge with the aim of building their confidence and increasing their love for learning so that they can go on to achieve their goals. 

Our Opportunities

Volunteer Online Tutor
Tutor The Nation
Min. 6 Weeks Minimum weeks
Volunteer Online Tutor

We are looking for volunteers to provide one hour a week of free tutoring in any GCSE or A-Level subject, to help disadvantaged students feel more confident and passionate about learning.