OUR MISSION is to work together with young people, families and adults of refugee background to provide practical, educational and social help. We create supportive relationships, networks and well-informed services that enable people to access what they need in order to increase their wellbeing and safety.

Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (CARAS) is a registered charity that has been supporting refugees and asylum-seekers since 2008, empowering them to integrate and engage in the local community. Check us out here: CARAS I Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers


and watch our most recent impact reportsfor our work with adults and young people here:  


CARAS Adult team impact last 6 months


Caras Youth team impact last 6 months


OUR VISION People who have sought refuge in the UK are welcomed, valued and supported within a community in which they can flourish.






CARAS provides a community of Welcome.

Arriving as an asylum seeker/refugee can be a disempowering experience. Difficulties with language, accessing services and overcoming prejudice are ever-present. As an organisation we are committed to work alongside refugees to overcome those challenges, and to help them build their lives

We offer group support and targeted support work. We offer a range of activities including: ESOL classes; social and recreational activities such as youth club, drama, trips and family activities; educational support for young people; and casework and advocacy support.


Kindness: CARAS will nurture all who are part of our community, helping everyone to develop their skills, talents, and interests
Justice: CARAS will strive for social justice following a rights-based approach in all our work and challenging instances when rights are not upheld in wider society
Empowerment: CARAS works alongside people, recognising and respecting their skills and strengths and striving together for better outcomes
‘With’ not ‘for’: CARAS will put the voices, opinions, experiences and needs of its beneficiaries at the heart of all that we do
Investing in Volunteers 2022 - 25
London Youth Quality Mark 2021 - 24
Living Wage Employer
current volunteers recommned us to their friends
current community members recommend us to their friends
We are a reflective learning organisation, we do, we reflect, we learn, we review
our outcome measures have been co-oproduced with our community members to reflect the changes most impactful on their lives
we are large enough to make an impact and agile enought to respond to change in the local, national and international environment
In the last year we provided a wrap around service of sustained support to over 6oo individuals from ove 20 London Boroughs
We are proud of our awards

We are looking for people from all walks of life, to join us share their skills, languages, experiences and insights to enrich our work and showing that refugees really are welcome here. 


CARAS has a proud history of volunteers helping us deliver our charitable aims. Volunteers are an essential part of the CARAS community, bringing skills, insights, experience, different languages, and enthusiasm to the roles. Community members tell us the welcome by volunteers is so important in an often hostile world. It helps them feel safe and wanted. Community is at the heart of all we do, and we could not do what we do without our volunteer teams supporting Youth, adults, ESOL and casework.


As a volunteer we ask you to be non-judgemental and able to engage with people from diverse cultural backgrounds; to be reliable and punctual; excellent communication skills, especially with people with varying levels of English; Current resident of the UK; Able to provide five years’ worth of addresses, and willing to undergo a DBS check; Able to attend compulsory volunteer induction training (online) general and safeguarding prior to start of role. Knowledge of community languages, such as (including Arabic, Tigrinya, Amharic, Pashto, Dari, Farsi, Kurdish, Somali and Spanish) is additionally welcomed but not essential. 



CARAS has a co-production and collaboratative approach to all we do. We put our community members at the centre of what we do. The voice of lived experience informs and dictates our activities, including campaigns. Community members and volunteers are actively encouraged to take on leadership roles and to work with staff to develop and facilitate activities and projects within our agreed 5 year strategy. 



This is what our community members say: 

'I have seen so many charities, organisations, companies and places in the UK and there is no one like CARAS. Your organisation is so special. You really care about human rights and you treat people with kindness and dignity. I want to pass on my sincere gratitude to you and your whole team'


"I’m with CARAS just over one year. I attend online Women’s ESOL classes twice a week. CARAS helped me to achieve my goals because I can speak as much as I need. I feel really very good to speak, I don’t like to depend on someone. Sometimes I talk with my neighbours – before my children had to translate for me. I can answer questions when my children’s school calls me, I’m not scared like before. I’m very thankful to CARAS. I have made 3 or 4 friends at CARAS from different countries. I can talk with them sometimes about personal things. Connecting with each other is really good. I feel more power, not only from friends, but also from CARAS staff and volunteers. For example if I get a problem I can imagine that they will absolutely help me, heart and soul. I love to think I have CARAS. Every month CARAS deserves to get a prize because everyone is very kind and it’s a great inspiration. Not only online Zoom class but we send messages on our WhatsApp group – it’s amazing what we share."

"We are so grateful for the help [from CARAS] and you have been the only source of consistent ongoing support since we arrived in the UK. You kept fighting for us and now we are in a much better position. You have really helped me and the children, thank you!"

Our Opportunities

Trips and holiday activities volunteer – CARAS adult team
Min. 4 Weeks Minimum weeks
Trips and holiday activities volunteer – CARAS adult team
Refugees, Young People

To support us with these trips and holiday activities, we are looking for friendly, welcoming, enthusiastic and proactive volunteers.

Min. 24 Weeks Minimum weeks
Refugees, Young People

As a Youth Club volunteer, you would be helping young people to feel welcome, join in with activities and be a great role model. Youth Club takes place every Wednesday at 6.30-9.00pm.

Youth ESOL Teaching Assistant (face-to-face) - Mondays/Wednesdays
Min. 24 Weeks Minimum weeks
Youth ESOL Teaching Assistant (face-to-face) - Mondays/Wednesdays
Human Rights, Young People

Our award-winning ESOL project offers English language classes to young people at a wide range of levels. This provides vital skills, opportunities and social contact and is crucial for enabling young people to do well at school or college.