Indoamerican Refugee & Migrant Organisation (IRMO)
Our mission is to enable the development, agency, and participation of all Latin Americans and other Spanish and Portuguese speakers, by responding to both immediate needs and structural inequalities.

Our vision is a future where Latin Americans and other Spanish and Portuguese speakers living in the UK have equal rights, live free from poverty and discrimination, and feel empowered to pursue their aspirations.

We offer high quality information and advice services, opportunities for development and training, and a platform to seek social and systemic change. Our work is organised across three main operational areas and a cross-cutting area:

  • Advice and Casework: We provide frontline, one-to-one advice and casework in Spanish and Portuguese on key areas of need for the community, including immigration, welfare entitlements, housing and homelessness prevention.
  • Education, Training and Employment: Our comprehensive programme of support in education, training and employment includes a range of activities aimed at improving our beneficiaries’ social and cultural integration in the UK.
  • Children and Young People: Our family and youth projects offer dedicated ESOL classes, homework support and creative workshops for recently arrived children and young people. Parents are supported to meet their family needs and access other services through targeted advice, advocacy, referrals and learning workshops.
  • Advocacy, Research, Policy mapping and Campaigning: to ensure fair and equal access to services and exercise of rights for Latin Americans and other Spanish and Portuguese speakers in London.

The Latin American community is one of the fastest growing, yet least visible, migrant communities in London.


IRMO's main beneficiary group is made of Latin American migrants who are experiencing poverty, disadvantage and exclusion in the UK and who have poor access to support, information, and job stability due to compounding factors, including the language barrier, restrictions linked to their immigration status, and structural inequalities resulting from racial, age, and gender discrimination. As a result, a large proportion face poor housing and working conditions, which, compounded with insecure immigration status and limited access to development opportunities, has a direct impact on people’s physical and mental health. The educational outcomes for children and young people growing up in this context are often impacted by these conditions.


Informed by these experiences, IRMO offers services and opportunities for personal development and employability with a holistic approach to more than 4,000 people every year. Although IRMO’s expertise lies in supporting the Latin American community, our services are open to all Spanish, Portuguese, and English speakers.


COMMITMENT: We are driven by our commitment to social justice for the Latin American and the communities we serve. We learn from our experiences and are creative in our approach to overcoming challenges. We act with care and responsibility in our delivery, being accountable for our work and services.
TRANSPARENCY: We communicate about our work and services in an open, honest and accessible way to all stakeholders.
COLLABORATION: We recognise that working together with our users, partners and funders serves to strengthen and improve our work. We value the knowledge, skills and experience of our service users, and we work together to create lasting change.
SOLIDARITY: We stand alongside all migrants and others fighting for social justice in the UK, placing ourselves within the migrant movement and valuing the strength in our collective experiences, work and unity.
Award for Community Organisation of the Year, 2015
London Youth Quality Mark 2021
We are embedded in the community and Latin American-led
We strive to be accessible and flexible, offering holistic wrap-around and person-centred support
We are proud to be an inclusive and diverse organisation
We believe in building bridges and working with others
We seek long-term, sustainable change

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic, creative and proactive individuals to support Latin Americans in London to overcome challenges, to bring innovation and expertise to our services and to contribute to the multiculturality of our organisation.  


Different levels of English, Spanish and Portuguese are required to support our services. We encourage anyone who is able to volunteer in the UK to get in touch regardless of their proficiency in any of the three languages. 

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