Fulham Good Neighbours
Our services aim to: • Tackle concerns raised in 2019 local Older People’s Commission (LBHF). These relate mainly to: • access to services; • loneliness & isolation; and • poverty & deprivation • Recognise 2017 Index For Wellbeing in Later Life (Age UK & University of Southampton) findings: • that meaningful engagement contributes at least 20% to wellbeing; and • that, of 40 indicators, creative & cultural engagement & physical activity are most significant. • Recognise that there should be 'Nothing About Disabled People Without Disabled People' as per the 2018 local Disabled People's Commission. • if you would be interested in supporting us with this please do get in touch.

The Borough has above national and London average poverty levels (31%) and has been hit disproportionately hard by the C-19 pandemic.


All of our projects are provided to beneficiaries for FREE. These include,


Support in the Home and Garden via:
    • Decorating & DIY – for those that cannot pay, nor have ability to do the work themselves
    • Gardening – for those that cannot pay, nor have the ability to do the work themselves. Also:
              • Adopt a Garden – befriending & gardening support
              • Online Gardening workshops – delivered in partnership with Nubian Life


Support in the Community via:
    • Good Neighbour Scheme - grocery shopping, medication delivery, escorts to appointments etc
    • Befriending – via telephone or in person
    • Social Clubs – • Art, • Craft, • Chair Based Exercise, • Lunch, • Reading, • Silver, • Sunday Tea


Support Online via:
    • Online Art Group – delivered directly into the homes of beneficiaries 
    • Online Chair Based Exercise – as above
    • Digital Inclusion support – supporting those excluded from digital communications, particularly those housebound


Since 1966 Fulham Good Neighbours has supported older and disabled people in their homes and gardens, in the community and at our community centre, and now online. We support almost 500 older and disabled people a year, supported by over 100 local volunteers


In 2019 we received The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. In 2021 our impact survey found:
    • 100% beneficiaries would recommend our services; and 
    • 100% feel we create a community where neighbours look out and care for each other

The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service Award 2019

We are looking for passionate and empathetic individuals who are willing to make a difference in the lives of our beneficiaries by providing both practical and emotional support, this is a great opportunity for students seeking to work in the charity, mental health & social services sector as it will give you a great insight into the factors affecting the vulnerable in our society. 

Our Opportunities

Digital Skills
Fulham Good Neighbours
Min. 24 Weeks Minimum weeks
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Digital Skills
Older People

Help local charity tackle the digital gap facing the elderly population of Fulham.