We are looking for volunteers who can commit at least 4 hours a week on an ongoing basis.
Full DBS check and travel expenses covered.
Volunteers receive information, advice and training
Weekly meetings are held on Saturday for 1 hour

What You'll Do: 

 Your role-

Working in a team with the Project Coordinator and other volunteers who provide support with employment, housing, finance, welfare, health, wellbeing, training, personal and professional development and other areas of challenge that clients might be facing.

-   Organizing the collection of client data and ensuring the data is good quality.

-   Analyzing the client data to infer key points relating to the current needs of clients, recruitment focus, impact of project.

-   Visualize the data using bars, charts and other visual features.

-   Report the findings back to the team and discuss implications.

- This role will be home based. 

What You'll Learn: 

Skills you will gain:

​​-  Manage the content, format and overall quality of the data

-   Analyze data sets to identify trends and patterns

-   Present data using visual elements like charts and bars 

- Report the results back to the team to inform key decision making processes.

What We're Looking For: 

Skills we are looking for

-   Office skills.

-   Analytical skills.

-   Is organized and self-motivated.

-   Embrace our culture and values.

-   Has a keen eye for detail.

-   Can consistently deliver high quality services to support our team and community.


Mental Health
United Kingdom
Skills you will develop: 
Data Management
Digital Literacy

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